You want to work on yourself. You don’t want to follow a training, but you want lift yourself up to higher grounds. You know you can get more out of life then that you now are achieving. You want to focus on your goal, your dreams to make them into reality. Your are not afraid to invest in yourself. From my 22 years of experience in coaching I can take you on a personal New Life Path journey. Depending on your needs, your goals and your questions we can discuss what suits you best. If its for your personally, for your business or to boost your coaching skills, its about you!

What makes these coaching programs unique is that next to your weekly coaching sessions, daily you can reach me with your questions on WhatsApp or email. We believe if you can directly can relief your story, if you meet a challenge you don’t know how to handle, if you want feedback or you want to share ideas directly, it has a highly impact on the results of your coaching and commitment. We will work on several levels, from your mission to the behaviour that you have. I will coach and guide you, I love to take you for a walk on your New Life Path, where the universe has your back. With my full knowledge, passion and intuition I will coach you beyond what you thought was possible.

What are we going to do? You can choose from a 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months coach program.

The structure:

  • A weekly coaching on Zoom of one hour
  • Daily contact based on your path
  • A (organizational) constellation every 3 months
  • One live day (or two half days) every 3 months

The result: you have focus, a new direction, balance, action, growth and practical results from connection with yourself.