Marianne Verrijt

Marianne Verrijt is a very passionate and authentic trainer. Born and raised in the Netherlands, from a very young age she knew that the world was bigger than only the little village she grow up in. And even bigger that what we could see with our eyes. She is fascinated by people, connects with them from the heart and loves to find the uniqueness in every one.

She is a coach since 1998 and trains NLP/Life coaching since 2006 and her biggest passion family constellations. She connects easily to the knowing field whereby she takes you for a walk to meet your ancestors and anything that helps you to reconnect back to yourself. Where talking therapies can get stuck, family constellations brings movement back in the soul with love and let energies flow again. On the level of the soul there is no right or wrong, there is only love. It is what is.

In NLP she likes to take you on a New Life Path, she trains from intuition, knowledge and passion. She brings out the best of you as a coach.

She trained and guided hundreds of people, in the Netherlands, Belgium, Kenya and Tanzania. If you follow a training with her you feel its not about the theory, its about you and who you are in the midst of all techniques. Taking you in her story, a story that she is not telling but truly living. Her motto: open hearts see love everywhere is throughout there.

Since 2003 she is on and off in Kenya, married to a Kenyan artist and proud mum of 3. On request she brought family constellation in 2012 to Kenya. Very happy to reconnect this beautiful method to the roots, Africa. Bert Hellinger, the founding father of family constellations, spent 13 years as a priest with the Zulu community to see how they deal with daily life challenges through ancestors.

Every day I also learn, look at my challenges from a bigger perspective and know that there where thousands before me that made my life possible. If you can see the man or woman, your father or mother is, the way they are, to get to know their story, from where they come from, your own healing can start, by taking your position in your (soul) family.

She welcomes you with an open heart in her trainings. Without judgement she sees you and will guide you to your excellence. No escape.

Marianne Verrijt, International (H)NLP trainer, International Systemic Work trainer, Certified distributor partner Jump Movement East Africa , author and public speaker