NLP master practitioner

Welcome to the master practitioner training/Life Coach grade 2 of Kuunganisha training and coaching. In this training your own growth process as a person and coach will continue, the journey you have started in the NLP practitioner.

You get more insights in the depth structure of yourself and NLP.

Also your toolbox will be filled with more techniques which you can use to empower the people you work with, on belief/identity level. Also we will make a bridge to spirituality.

End terms Master Practitioner Kuunganisha training and coaching

The master practitioner training knows 5 basic principles:

  1. deepen ourselves in the NLP basic material (on the higher neurological levels)
  2. Integration of NLP practitioner elements (and to combine elements)in your coaching
  3. become more unconscious competent (capable to handle processes)
  4. To develop your own vision from identity and mission
  5. To develop your own workshop whereby you fully integrate NLP


The end terms knows three learning areas:

  • INSIGHT in processes and structures (this presumes you have knowledge)
  • SKILLS in techniques and processes

Insight goals: the student knows/understands:

  • The principal and technique of modelling (which steps to take and out of which parts does a model assignment exist);
  • Function and hierarchy of values;
  • Principle and function of hindering beliefs (structure of a belief);
  • Principle of neurological levels, chunking, core detector and core transformation;
  • Function and meaning of ‘meta-program’s’
  • Principle and structure of releasing obstacles above, on, next to the time line (working with time-line techniques)
  • Insight in language patterns, the structure of language.


Skill goals: the student can:

  • Do a model assignment (student-master-coach) and prepare a workshop;
  • Elicit and change a value-hierarchy;
  • Elicit and handle the structure of a belief;
  • Hear meta-programs of people and match or steer them
  • Apply certain master change-techniques on a belief level eg:
    • Time line therapy
    • Re-imprint
    • Horse shoe model
    • Criteria spin
    • Core transformation
    • Master time line
  • Recognize and use language patterns in communication (meta, Milton, smart-goals and sleight of mouth)
  • Work with NLP practitioner elements:

NLP assumptions, coach commitments, sub modalities, anchoring, reframing, REP-systems, calibrating, strategies, formulate target, coach positions.


Attitude: the student shows:

  • To have integrated the NLP assumptions;
  • To have an ecological approach to and with people;
  • Use principles and techniques on themselves as well as others;
  • Awareness of violations in generalizations, distortions, deletions in a certain context;
  • Strife to coach-congruency; be a coach to themselves and others with flexibility, creativity and responsibility.
  • The integration of neurological levels, awareness of own identity, mission, and vision and presents this congruence.

Extra tools:

The training will contain also parts of systemic coaching, HNLP (Humanistic NLP) techniques based on hypnotherapy and conversational coaching.

In order to sit for the exam, the student has to present:

  • A full model assignment and conducting the workshop
  • 5 reports of practicing (sessions)
  • a paper about the own vision, identity and mission as a coach after completed practitioner and master level
  • to have followed a minimum of 80% of the course

The exam will contain two days:

  1. theory exam
  2. full intake session
  3. full intervention session
  4. presentation of the model assignment

Practical Information:

Duration of training:

Duration of the training is 18 days (conform conditions of International Association of NLP)
Investment in hours: 130 hours

Start training:

Get in touch for the most recent dates

Investment in yourself:

$ 1800,00


Shalom House, St. Daniel Comboni Rd, off Ngong rd


Manual, writing materials, tea, coffee, water and healthy snack, personal coaching session by Marianne, online support, personal guidance and feedback model assignment, relevant articles



The Master Certificate is a international recognized certification by the ABNLP